Greetings from Nowruz City Hamburg to all Nowruz Celebrants around the World

Nowruz Greetings from Politic, Diplomacy, Administration, Economy and Culture

Daniel Günther,
Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein

„Nowruz Mubarak“ is the motto again at the beginning of spring: people all over the world bring each other best wishes for the New Year and Spring Festival Nowruz. In this sense I wish the Nowruz celebrants in Schleswig-Holstein a happy, healthy New Year and a sunny start to spring. " 


Photo: © Peter Frank

Christian Pegel, 
Minister for Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalization in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

"All over the world, on the occasion of the New Year and Spring Festival NOWRUZ, people convey their best wishes. In this spirit I wish the Nowruz celebrants in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania health, happiness and lots of energy to start something new for the New Year." 

Photo: owned by Christian Pegel

H.E. Dauren Karipov,
Ambassador of the Repuplic of Kazakhstan

„The number SEVEN plays a special role at the Nauryz Festival in    Kazakhstan. This also applies to the wishes for the New Year! In this sense I wish you joy, success, wisdom, health, prosperity, growth and divine protection for the new year! Happy Nauryz!”


Photo: © Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Tajikistan

H.E. Sohibnazar Gayratsho,
Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan

„Nawruz Muborak! In Tajikistan, old earthenware and knocked dishes were broken and thrown away in the alleys or squares on the last Wednesday before Nawruz, so that everything that was broken would remain in the old year. The fire jump on this day is still practiced in the country today. People light a fire and skip it with the words "May my paleness be yours. Your redness mine." - means in a figurative sense: "I will bring you my illnesses, I will take your healing powers". May this typical Nawruz wish, which is of particular importance this year, come true for the whole world community. Наврӯз муборак!“ 


Photo: © Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Tajikistan

S.E. Nabijon Kasimov, 

Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan

"NAWRUZ - every day of your life be Nawruz!" Behind this saying by Alischer Navoij (1441-1501), the founder of Uzbek literature, there is a special "philosophy of life". This wish for all earth citizens - for a blessed time, happiness, health, joy, love, peace in the inner and outer sense, I would like to agree:”Nawruz Mobarak!“


Photo: © Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Tajikistan, honorarfrei

Xiaohui Du,

Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Hamburg

„Nowruz symbolizes both the beginning of spring and the occasion to look to the challenges of the future with hope. The world is changing now. China's response to an uncertain future of pandemic remains international cooperation in a spirit of solidarity. This is exactly what the New Silk Road Initiative is all about. I wish all friends of the Nowruz Festival wellbeing, good luck, health and success!” 


Photo: © Consulate General tot he People’s Republic in Hamburg

Darion Akins,

U.S. Consul General in Hamburg

„For more than 3,000 years, families and communities have celebrated Nowruz and the renewal of the earth in spring - including in the United States. The Nowruz address by the American President from the White House in Washington has a long tradition. A Nowruz reception in the Little White House on the Alster, the US representation in the city with the largest Nowruz celebrating community in the European Union, has a future. In this sense, may Nowruz, the “New Day”, give many confidence and hope for “normal times”.Happy Nowruz!” 


Photo: © Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Tajikistan

Falko Droßmann,
Head of the District Office Hamburg-Mitte 


“ Around 300 million people worldwide celebrate the Nowruz Festival on March 20, also in the Hamburg-Mitte district. Due to the corona, the big celebrations at home, in clubs and in our parks are canceled this year. That is why the "Haft Sin", the festive table of the seven S, is all the more important this year. And this year especially the “sir”. This is a bulb of garlic and the symbol of protection and everlasting health. In this spirit I wish all Nowruz celebrants in Hamburg-Mitte and around the world a happy New Year!”


Photo: © Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Tajikistan

Eduard Kinsbruner,
Regional Director for Central Asia, Ostausschuss der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V., Berlin 

„The Nowruz Festival unites numerous countries and nations. It stands for a new beginning and so the German economy is looking forward to the restart of economic relations after the restrictions of the previous year. The new year will certainly bring new collaborations and partnerships with it - also with the Nowruz countries of Central Asia. With all this in mind, I wish all Nowruz celebrants in Central Asia, Hamburg and around the world a prosperous New Year.”


Photo: © Christian Kruppa/Ost-Ausschuss

Prof. Dr. Barabara Plankensteiner,
Director of MARKK – Museum am Rothenbaum – Kulturen und Künste der Welt

„A “new day”, a “new light”, the reawakening of nature! For thousands of years, millions of people across national borders have been celebrating Nowruz at the beginning of spring. Thousands of people from Hamburg also celebrate this big and joyful and sociable festival every year with their families, friends and relatives. “Steppes and Silk Roads” is the name of the exhibition, which the MARKK has finally opened to the public on March 12, 2021 and which has been available for this purpose since the beginning of December 2020. The stories told and the objects shown testify to the personal, cultural and economic connections along the old and new Silk Roads, between eastern China, Central Asia, western Asia and Europe, which have existed for millennia until today. Especially in these difficult pandemic-related times, parties help us to celebrate the hope of a new beginning. On that note would like to wish all Nowruz celebrants a Happy Spring Festival and a healthy New Year!” 


Photo: © Paul Schimweg, honorarfrei